Author: Chad Fox

  • Reverse Scavenger Hunt

    Reverse Scavenger Hunt

    Want to try something new and different? Try a twist on traditional scavenger hunts with the Reverse Scavenger Hunt. This solo or partner activity involves placing random objects in amusing or unexpected locations.  Armed with a backpack filled with items like gag gifts, chia pets, or rubber duckies, stroll through urban hotspots like a college…

  • Scavenger Hunt Austin Texas: Urban Adventures

    Scavenger Hunt Austin Texas: Urban Adventures

    Navigating the vibrant city of Austin, Texas, is an adventure in itself. From its iconic live music scene to its eclectic food culture and outdoor recreational spots, there’s something for everyone in the capital city. One of the most exciting ways to experience Austin is through a scavenger hunt, offering a unique opportunity to uncover…