Scavenger Hunt Ideas List!

Scavenger Hunt Ideas Lists provides comprehensive resources and guides for organizing and enjoying scavenger hunts, enhancing outdoor adventures with creativity and excitement.

We love having fun outside!

Our scavenger lists make it fun to be outside! Enjoying the air and the good company of friends and family.

Scavenger hunts in the city

We have lists for having fun in the city with scavenger hunting!

Scavenger hunts in the country

If you prefer the country, we have lists put together to enjoy the great outdoors.

Historical scavenger hunts

For those history buffs we have lists designed for historical landmarks.

True crime scavenger hunts

We all have those friends who love true crime. Why not make a scavenger list for it!

Custom themed scavenger hunts

We can come up with custom themed scavenger lists for any occasion.

Architectual scavenger hunts

We love architecture! So we also love to make scavenger hunts of awesome buildings.

An array of resources

We also provide many resources to help you set up your scavenger hunts to maximize your fun and adventures!

We have challenges!

  • Urban Challenge
  • Urban Adventure Challenge
  • Rural challenge
Tourist taking photo of a building

We also have a newsletter!

  • Scavenger hunt list articles.
  • Lists that celebrate architecture.
  • Exclusive access to lists

“Scavenger Hunt Ideas List has helped me find all kinds of cool games for my children to play outside”

Julia Dinozo

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